Development Principles

“Help The People To Help Themselves.”

That is, the sustainability of development is that the community can proceed, continue and develop further by themselves, think, analyze and solve problems by themselves. and self-reliant

  The Roi Chai Rak project is guided by the working principles and the royal guidance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX). The Grandmother Fa Foundation believes in human potential and carries out development activities to elevate the quality of life, ensuring community stability and sustainability in terms of economy, society, culture, and the environment. It focuses on developing human resources to “think, do, and adapt” to cope with changes and continuous learning, earning a living ethically, self-reliance, and continuous development. Therefore, sustainable development takes time, step by step, adhering to the principles and royal guidance of His Majesty the King. The 3S Model, known as Survival, Sufficiency, and Sustainability, is used as a model for sustainable development.