Roi Jai Rak Garden

  The Roi Jai Rak Garden is located within the Roi Jai Rak project area, in Tambon Tha Tan, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province. Previously, this area was used for cornfields, but the local community’s attempt to cultivate coffee did not succeed due to a lack of knowledge. The project then transformed the landscape into a tourist destination. Besides taking care of flowerbeds along both sides of Highway 1089 (Mae Chan – Fang), the Roi Jai Rak Market area was adorned with decorations and created flower display areas. The project further developed the agricultural plot of 75 rai, constructing pathways, viewing decks, and various flowerbeds. These features showcase various tree species found in the natural environment of the forest, making it an appealing destination for tourists interested in flower species and wildlife.

  Roi Jai Rak Garden opened its doors on December 1, 2563 (2020), becoming a new tourist attraction in Chiang Mai Province, accessible to visitors year-round. In 2022 (2565), the garden received a total of 36,899 tourists, averaging 205 visitors per day during the opening period (November to April), generating a total revenue of 1,824,826 baht.